Daily life of a family with three children with autism



This is an ongoing long-term project, which tells of an Italian family living with Autism Spectrum Disease (ASD). Emilia and Francesco, after having tried for a child for years resorted successfully to artificial insemination and had twins, Luisa and Riccardo.


Only nine months after their birth, Emilia became spontaneously pregnant with their third child, Michele. At two and a half years, Riccardo and Luisa were diagnosed with a severe form of ASD. Unfortunately, just a year later, Michele was diagnosed with the same.


Autism is a neural development disorder characterised by impaired social interaction and deficits in verbal and nonverbal communication. There are several treatments to autism spectrum disorders, such as drug therapy, speech therapy, psychomotor therapy, psycho-educational therapy, pet therapy, and facilitated communication, but often families are left on their own. This is the daily life of these three brothers. I started take pictures when Michele was born 13 years ago, but I began this project in 2016.

Michele, Luisa and Riccardo in the pool, 2016

Luisa, 2020

Michele in the pool, 2020

Michele, Luisa and Riccardo in the pool, 2016