The trophy conveys a dimensional portrayal of the human condition or persona, which is represented by a multi-layered ‘concave’ head profile signifying the many interpretations or individualities of the human being.

Only three of these trophies will be made - which will be awarded to the first prize winners of the Single and Photo Story categories, and the top photographer of the Grand Prize.


Mix media - wood, felt, varnish, paint
Dimensions 3" x 5" x 11" approximately

1,000g approximately
3 pieces only


The concept design for the KLPA2018 trophy has now been finalised by artist KONG WEE PANG and she has sent us a graphical image of the trophy which she calls ‘Examining Psyche’ - in keeping with the artist’s ‘illustrative-pop’ style approach, the piece will be created using mixed media materials, eg. wood, felt, varnish and paint. The approximate dimensions of the trophy, which will only be limited to three pieces, will be 3″ x 5″ x 11″ tall.


Kong Wee Pang is an artist and designer from Malaysia.

She holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore and a Masters degree from Memphis College of Art in the United States. Her work has been featured in solo and group shows in Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Atlanta, Memphis, San Francisco, Southeast Asia, and New York City. 


Her curious whimsical personality finds expression through mediums like watercolor, charcoal, ink, acrylic, wood stick, felt, silkscreen, digital, animation, 3D sculpture, collage, mixed media and Public Art. She currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Some of her design works have been featured in HOW MAGAZINE, Communication Art, Print Magazine, Creative Anarchy book, FEFÈ PROJECT Italy Magazine, TENNSHOW, National ADDY, District ADDY and Memphis ADDY.

American Advertising Awards
2017 District ADDY Awards - 3 Golds, USA 
2016 National ADDY Awards  - 1 Gold, USA 
2016 District ADDY Awards  - 4 Golds, USA 
2015 National ADDY Awards - 2 Golds, USA 
2015 District ADDY Awards  - 5 Golds, USA 


In 2017 she was commissioned by Planned Parenthood to create a public art mural in Memphis.



"For this trophy piece I choose to explore the idea of how photography distills a single moment in time, through an abstract sculptural form.


The many layers represent the stages, filters and layers of the story, the emotions behind the image and the way that these interact."


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