We celebrate our 10th year with a new Open Call for Entries!  As in previous years, we continue to seek fresh and innovative photography from new, emerging and established photographers from around the world. For 2018, we are focussing on the photo-story or project within the practice of portraiture.
Recognising the efforts of serious photographers all over the world who are creating stories and projects about important and deserving issues, KLPA2018 seeks to reward project-based portrait submissions by awarding our highest prize money of USD$5,000 to one photographer, along with our amazing trophy - a specially commissioned piece by Kong Wee Pang, an award winning designer and artist based in Memphis, USA.


To keep matters simple and straightforward, all submissions are OPEN themed, with no restrictions or criteria to limit creativity, except that they must be portraits of people and their environment. As an advocate for strong and individualistic content in photography, we would ask for portraits that are unmanipulated and have only minimal post-processing. 
We like to see photographers push the boundaries of creativity in making visually exciting portraits telling individualistic, personal stories with strong narratives as their content, challenging normalcy.

Francǫise and Danielle © VINCENT GOURIOU France



SANDRA CHEN-WEINSTEIN, winner of the 1st Prize in the 2017 Open Category, said “this contest is very helpful to all emerging photographers for getting acknowledgment and recognition for their achievement.” After only a few weeks following the award announcement, Chen-Weinstein said “I am very fortunate to be featured on the cover of The European Photography Magazine as a result.”


KATHRIN TSCHIRNER, 1st Prize winner in the 2016 Portrait category, says, “The KL Photoawards is more than recommendable. It was noticeable that the organisers have a real interest in photography. The event has been implemented with great attention to detail, recognisable by the good prints and a really masterful hanging in the beautiful rooms of the White Box Gallery.”

"I was very excited once I got the message that I have won the Special Juror Award and I did try to make it possible to attend the Awards Ceremony and to see the exhibition in person. Here I have to say a big thank you to the Goethe Institut in Kuala Lumpur!

I must say that it was worth all the effort to get funds for the travel as it was an unforgettable experience.


The selection of the winners and the participants was of a very high level and I did meet so many amazing artists. We did exchange our different views and opinions in a very constructive way and it had been such a creative input, indeed. Steven Lee, the Director and the whole team were so welcoming and hospitable.

A big thank you to you all and all my best wishes for a very successful and inspiring KLPA 2017!"



Select Juror Award


"It has been such a wonderful and unique experience to take part in the Kuala Lumpur Photoawards 2016. Not only did I have the honor to accept one of the Select Juror’s awards, my work was also featured in a beautifully curated show. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to physically be there, thanks to the KLPA team who made it possible. I met local and international talents who were also finalists and winners and have maintained several relationships since then.


Furthermore, I was able to present my work to the community in an Artist Talk where I also got very encouraging and valuable feedback. I look forward to see what future editions will bring! Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations on the success!"




Select Juror Finalist


Photos by Tang Chun Cheuh

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